Email Marketing

Has email marketing had it’s day?

With the boom of content and social media marketing, email can easily be viewed as a bit of a ‘relic’. But neglect it at your peril – as email is still one of the most highly engaging and effective forms of digital marketing around.

A study by Smart Insights in 2017 showed that marketers viewed email as the most effective digital marketing channel, ahead of SEO, social media marketing and PPC campaigns.

And email is one of the most popular activities on the internet, used by around 86% of adults in the UK.

So if you’re looking for a huge potential audience from which to find new leads and customers, increase your sales and build a great ROI, look into how you could begin or improve your email marketing.

How can email marketing improve my business?

Here’s some of the reasons email marketing is being used to great effect by many B2B and B2C companies.

  • Build trust with an audience by meeting clear expectations set at the beginning of a relationship and providing value over time.
  • Improve customer retention by keeping in touch after a sale to offer more value and further offers.
  • Reach an audience who are already engaged after signing up to your mailing list.
  • Get a great ROI with a lower cost than traditional marketing channels.
  • Segment an audience to target those most interested in different aspects of your business.

Need some help?

Whether you’re looking to get set up with email marketing, or wanting to improve your click through rates and subscribers, we can help. We build personalised digital marketing packages for each of our clients, so get in touch to discuss what would suit you. Here’s a few of the options for our email services:

Building an email list

Permission to use someone’s email address is the first step in any email campaign, and vital for you to have success. With recent updates such as GDPR regulations in the EU, it can be daunting to know how to start. We can help get you set up with building your subscriber list and to look at different ways you can grow your list whilst collecting permission along the way.

Setting up scheduled and autoresponder emails

A scheduled series of emails can help ensure you maintain your relationships and consistency with your list at times when you may be struggling to keep up with writing emails often enough to do this manually. We’re able to write a series of emails and set them up to be scheduled at your selected frequencies in order to keep your email marketing campaigns running smoothly. We can also set up autoresponders for you so that new subscribers get an email automatically sent when they join your mailing list. Marketing automation is a great way to save time whilst continuing to provide a high quality service and value to your customers.

Content creation

Whether it’s coming up with an eye-catching subject line or writing an engaging body of text – emails can take a decent chunk of time to create. If you’re struggling to fit it in, consider pairing our email services with content marketing. We can create new industry-related content for you on a regular basis, and use this and company updates as a basis for your emails. We can also look at longer term plans, for example certain sales or offers coming up, and create content linked to this as part of an email series.

consultancy and analysis

You might be losing subscribers and not knowing why, or struggling to get new customers from your email campaigns. We can help you find out what’s going wrong and look for where to improve to get more impact, conversions and ROI from your email marketing.

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