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Keyword Research

An essential step in ensuring your site performs competitively.


Every visitor who reaches your site through search started their journey by typing a word, phrase or question into a search engine. Keyword Research ensures that your website is targeting and competing for the visitors who are most important to you.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is a process of finding which words and phrases people are searching for to find products or services like yours.

It involves analysing data such as how frequently certain phrases are searched for, the level of competition for them and what percentage of the resulting website visits were to organic results.

This, along with examining which search queries you’re already ranking for, as well as competitor analysis to find appropriate gaps – becomes the foundation of your future SEO optimisation.

We’re experienced with using a range of tools to build a collection of relevant and appropriate keywords to be used as a basis for on-page optimisation and content creation.

As part of our reporting and monitoring, we’ll keep you updated with how your site is performing for these keywords and continue to search for additional keyword opportunities.