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Beauty brand

Working with a mineral makeup brand to improve website user experience and conversions.


The client:

The client was a beauty brand offering a range of natural, minerak make up, skin and hair care and men’s gromming products.

The brand sells products directly to consumers and stockists via a physical shop at their base and a Shopify e-commerce store. Sales are made both in the UK and internationally via the e-commerce platform.

The challenge:

The brand was looking to put their website in a strong position for future marketing, increase awareness of their products and drive more sales online. The project focused on improving the user experience and overall technical SEO elements of the website, as well as optimising the copy of key pages to support rankings in search results and increase conversions on the website.

Underneath the overarching brand umbrella were a number of different brands and businesses spanning different industries, which were interlinked across the main beauty brand website and others. There was also a second, separate international website for the beauty brand. The website originally used a mix of colours, fonts and image styles which lead to a lack of clear branding, and there were significant opportunities to improve the structure both for SEO and user experience.



The project:

The project kicked off with a technical audit and implementation, with structural changes making the site easier for both users and search engines to navigate. Optimisations were also made to improve the site loading speed and redirects were implemented when required to ensure visitors could find the new URLs for pages.

A new navigation and product categorisation system was designed and implemented, which made it easier for customers to browse and find the products they were looking for.

Products were split into smaller, more targeted categories and a drop-down menu was created to support customer navigation. A secondary navigation bar was custom-coded which separated out the brand pages from the product pages.

Shopify’s default settings mean that a product page can have multiple URLs, depending on the internal links used to reach it. This was altered so that each page only has one URL, which sends a stronger signal to search engines and prevents potential duplicate content issues across the site.

Redirects were put in place to prevent broken links and direct traffic towards the one URL that each product now had. The new site structure pulled the majority of URLs from 3-4 steps away from the home page down to 2 clicks away, making it quicker and easier for users to find exactly what they were looking for.

Appropriately and consistently sized banner images were created which made use of original images to demonstrate the products.

A consistent font family and colour scheme was implemented across the site to improve the visual branding and user experience.

Additional video thumbnail images were created for YouTube videos used throughout the site, which carried through the consistency of the branding.

A second stage to the project targeted a small set of core pages and created new, SEO-optimised website copy which included elements of the product features and benefits, brand ethos and processes to improve conversion.

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