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DIGITAL PLATFORM PROBLEM SOLVING is an award-winning video channel providing professional audio visual online training. When there was a technical issue with their YouTube monetization, the HeyYou team were there to help.

HeyYou-digital-how-to-av-2 is a multi-award winning training channel, which provides free online video content covering both commercial and residential Audio Visual. The channel is presented by a team of AV industry experts, and features training on everything from troubleshooting technical issues to understanding the latest technologies and integration techniques.

The training channel is based on YouTube, and whilst doesn’t run ads, an issue with Youtube monetization meant that the team weren’t able to add link cards to their videos, preventing them from embedding marketing and web links within the individual videos.

We were able to deep-dive into the accounts and trace the problem back through several linked email accounts, Google Adsense and Adwords accounts. Consolidating the existing accounts and getting everything linked to the right place allowed us to get monetization re-enabled and the HowToAV team are now able to fully integrate their online platforms successfully.


“This problem with our YouTube account integration has been limiting our click-through capabilities for a long time and despite our very best efforts we were unable to fix the problem. The HeyYou team investigated our very unique problem.

“We have approached a number of digital marketing agencies to rectify this problem without success. The HeyYou team took on the challenge with incredible tenacity and solved a problem no- one else could!”