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HeyYou! Digital Marketing Agency Goes Live!


We are so excited to announce the launch of HeyYou! Digital- the brand new digital marketing agency specialising in bespoke online strategy for SMEs and new start-ups!

Based in the East Midlands, HeyYou! Digital is a young, vibrant agency focussed on creative and innovative strategies and online techniques to make your business, products or service stand out from the competition in the digital crowd.

Focussing on high quality organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), original digital content creative, social media management, cross-platform problem solving and training, the HeyYou! team has been created from the ground up to meet the very specific needs of the SME sector and new start-up businesses.

HeyYou! founder and digital consultant – Hannah Wade – explains;


“There are a number of great digital marketing companies in the UK focussed on meeting the large budget, long term strategies of larger organisations and blue chip companies.

However, with digital marketing and a strong search engine profile being essential to the success of almost all companies – large or small, established or just starting out – we saw a gap in the market to meet the needs of those companies inexperienced in digital marketing or just starting out with limited budgets.

Hannah Wade

Founder, HeyYou! Digital

“What we’ve created is a new and unique digital marketing service which provides bespoke strategies to meet the needs, goals and budgets of these growing or localised businesses. We’ve also scrapped the retainer model which so often ties companies in with some of the larger digital agencies, allowing our customers – in much the same way as ourselves – to be dynamic and fast to act on changes in the market or to their own business strategy.”

As well as providing full turnkey digital marketing services, HeyYou! Digital also provides a bespoke training and consultancy service, to develop the skills and strategies of customers’ own in-house marketing teams.

Hannah adds “mixing our own digital service provision with the activities of our customers’ own in-house team can provide some outstanding results – combining our skill sets with their direct knowledge of their individual sales channels, products and services.”

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Want to find out more?

Contact Hannah now and let’s start the conversation about your unique digital marketing strategy…

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Chris Edwards

Content contributor to HeyYou! Digital

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