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Social media audits and strategy

Does social media feel like chucking everything at the wall to see what sticks?

We’ve got a better way.


Do paid posts get the results you’re after? Which platforms should you be on? How many times a week should you post? What sort of content is smashing it in your industry? What KPIs should you be tracking?

How do you move the needle with social and get real, consistent results?

Our social media strategy and audits shine a light on what’s working (or not) for you and your competitors, how your posts can help you reach your business goals, and how your brand messaging and visuals should look on social media.

Whether your strategy will be used to kick-start our social media management together, or if you’re looking for an outside view that you can take to use in-house: expect an in-depth playbook that will guide your social media content for everything yet to come.

Get in touch.


Social media audit

Find out what’s working well and where you can improve on your own social media.

What to expect:

  • Profile optimisation recommendations
  • Review of analytics and trends
  • Audit of social content
  • Analysis of how your content is performing



Competitor social media audit

See how your competitors are doing on social media and find new opportunities.

What to expect:

  • Audit multiple competitors to get a sense of what’s happening in your industry
  • Analysis of competitor content themes
  • Highlights of what content is getting the most engagement
  • Comparison of competitor messaging and branding
  • Find opportunities to get you better results



Social media strategy

Your full go-to social media playbook to kick-start our work together or take away to use in-house.

What to expect:

  • Social media audit of you & your competitors
  • Brand messaging defined
  • Visual identity developed
  • KPIs to measure movement towards your goals
  • What, when and how much to post to support your goals
  • Which platforms to focus on
  • How to use paid ad budget to support your social media