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Derby Kids’ Camp

Derby Kids’ Camp are a volunteer-run charity providing free holidays to children who need it the most. We provide ongoing digital marketing support to help them with volunteer recruitment, fundraising and building awareness.

Derby Kids' Camp local charity marketing

Derby Kids’ Camp provides free-of-charge holidays to over 300 young children from across Derbyshire each year. The children are nominated by their schools for a variety of reasons,
including financial hardship, bereavement, social interaction difficulties or providing respite for single-parent families.


The challenges the charity faces in marketing include volunteer recruitment, fundraising and raising awareness. Derby Kids’ Camp is 100% volunteer-run, relying on around 170
volunteers giving their time each year to fully staff the holidays. Despite a volunteer retention rate of around 70%, it is still a major annual challenge to fill the remaining spaces.

We have created content for volunteer recruitment including blog posts and press releases, as well as on-page optimisation of some of the key volunteer focused pages on the website.
This content has then been used as the backbone for social media campaigns focused around recruitment.

Alongside this, we have worked to develop the charity’s social media accounts, sharing more information about what Derby Kids’ Camp does and how people can get involved to
fundraise, donate or volunteer.

A feature in the local press in 2020 provided a boost in brand awareness. The optimised volunteer page is now one of the top landing pages of the site.