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Delivering SEO training and consultancy to the in-house team of a leading UK Audio Visual distributor, helping them boost their online presence.


The client

CIE-Group are a leading UK Audio Visual distributor, providing products in Audio Visual, Intercom, Connectivity and Test Instrumentation. They provide a ‘value-added’ service to their customers, working in partnership with manufacturers and installers to ensure the exact needs of each individual project are met.

CIE have a 4-person in-house marketing team, who cover their digital and offline marketing.

The challenge

Despite some of CIE’s website performing well, there were areas where the team felt they could achieve even greater organic impact.

As an SME in a competitive space, CIE were looking to gain visibility online whilst up against some bigger competitors.


Solution: Consulting

The CIE team had an extensive back-catalogue of blogs produced in-house, some of which they wanted to further optimise to gain more brand visibility, traffic and ultimately leads for the business.
HeyYou! provided consultancy based around on-page optimisation for blog and web content.
This included the use of tools to improve the quality and depth of content produced, reflecting changes in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) that had taken place in the time since some of the earlier blogs had been produced.

Additional on-site factors were also explored, such as the use of internal linking structures to promote the more important pages of the website.

Solution: Content Creation

As with many in-house marketing teams, the CIE-Group marketers sometimes hit capacity when there are a lot of projects coming at once.

HeyYou! Digital provides content creation on an as-needed basis to enable the team to better manage fluctuations in workflow.

This has included the creation of new blogs along with editing and optimisation of part-written or first-draft blogs and web pages.

Solution: Training

As part of improving visibility and the brand image on online search, the CIE team were keen to explore Schema.

Schema coding is an on-page technique which can allow additional information to appear in search results – such as product prices, upcoming events and additional company information.

HeyYou! Digital delivered a half-day training session and workshop, exploring the most appropriate options for CIE’s needs and how these are implemented.


Results: Consulting

The team at CIE have been using their knowledge of advanced on-page optimisation gained from the consulting to gain rankings and search visibility for some of their target keywords.

A recent result for a targeted keyword gained organic results for the featured snippet, two video results and the top organic listing, alongside a paid shopping result.

Results: Content Creation

Several blogs have been created and edited for CIE-Group.

This example is a blog post created during the COVID-19 pandemic to advertise a new product and demonstrate how the technology could be used in future building projects to prevent infection spread.

The blog post was shared on the company’s social media channels to promote the product, and currently ranks in the top organic position for one of the target keywords.

Results: Training

The team began to implement some of their chosen Schema codes during the training session and are currently trialling this technique to provide extra visibility for events and FAQ information.


“Hannah really knows her stuff! The training really made the subject of schemas straight forward and easier for us to understand. Great support after the training also which is great if you are having any initial problems. I would highly recommend.”


Katie Humphreys, Digital Marketing Co-ordinator, CIE

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